Five great reasons to read aloud to your kids

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Many parents forget how important it is to spend time with their kids, especially since the dawn of fast technology and social media. One way to share a great bond with your kids is by reading aloud to them. An instant connection is built between the parent and the child through the activity.



Quality time may be hard to fit in a busy parent’s schedule. However, consciously making time to read aloud to your child is great way to share a fun experience by reading a well-loved story. It promotes emotional connection, and according to Dr. Wayne Imber, it boosts a child’s brain power. When children listen to stories read to them by their parents, their brains are changed biologically. The areas of their brains in charge of comprehension and mental imagery are extremely engaged.

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A child’s self-esteem is improved as reading aloud to them gets them ready for new experiences. Not only does it build their creative imagination, but it also teaches them about empathy. They learn communication and language skills faster and better when they hear their parents read to them. The constantly learn new vocabulary and that improves their communication skills big time. Wayne Imber, Ph.D., says that kids learn better when their parents are involved in the process.

There are more great reasons to start reading aloud to your children, not just the ones listed above. It’s an underrated parent-and-child activity that is integral to the child’s mental and emotional growth.

Wayne Imber is a retired professor who has taught psychology at many schools in Arizona, Chicago, and Massachusetts. For more updates, head over to this blog.