Connecting My Two Loves: Psychology And Golf

It was only a matter of time before I started writing about the connection between my two great passions – psychology and golf. For a more cohesive (and perhaps more enjoyable?) discussion, let’s approach this by talking about golf and applying some popular psychology concepts.

The moment

When we say “live in the moment”, this means you should focus on what’s in front of you – the next shot or put. If you made a mistake in the previous hole, don’t dwell on it. Don’t think about the next holes. Just focus on the moment.

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The 10-Yard Rule

When you make a mistake or a bad shot, put it in your heard. Scream at yourself for the bad shot in your head. But keep in mind that you’re also walking away from that mistake. Stop venting once you’ve reached 10 yards of where the mistake happened.

Mental endurance

Playing the game under a lot of stress, or too emotionally will take its toll. It can be draining both physically and mentally. Free your mind of any troubles you may think of and simply swing away.

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Stay the course

Not all courses are built equally. Some are more challenging than others. When you find yourself at a particularly difficult hole, play through it no matter how many strokes it would take. It does wonders for your mental game if you finally conquer that mountain.

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