4 Ways Cooking Can Relieve Your Stress

Stress has always been correlated with the modern-day lifestyle as many individuals complain of stress, anxiety, and tension. Though there are a lot of stress management techniques, cooking is one of the best stress relievers.

Below are some ways that explain how cooking can help relieve your stress.

Image source: huffpost.com

1. The “Voodoo” effect

Sometimes, all you need is to reassert your dominance at the top of the food chain. Maybe it’s really dark, but chopping veggies and butchering chickens can really take the edge off the most difficult days.

2. Aromatherapy

The aromatics of certain herbs and spices can have beneficial effects on your mood. As you simmer and sauté these ingredients, don’t forget to savor the smell.

3. Creativity

Stress can obstruct the thinking process, that’s why cooking is a great way to get the creative juices flowing in you. The process of trying to innovate a recipe or the reward of creating something from nothing but a few raw ingredients greatly fosters creativity.

Image source : huffingtonpost.com

4. Stress relieving foods

Certain studies indicate that certain foods can cause a significant reduction in stress and number of stress hormones in the body. Some of them are:

Apple – Apples can reduce headache and various types of migraines.

Tea – Drinking black or green tea helps to lower stress and improve focus.

Coconut – Coconut lowers the heart rate and in turn, reduces stress.

Dr. Wayne Imber here. I’m a retired professor specializing in social and developmental psychology. Visit my blog for more info.

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